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There are moments we all encounter, when life feels like a struggle. When we find things difficult to cope with and we need some additional assistance.

Some turn to family and friends. While others need support from another outside of their situation. A neutral party, who will listen to you instead of offering advice. Allowing for a situation that is safe, free judgement and in a confidential setting.

What I can provide you with:

I am a qualified counsellor (FdA Degree Integrative Therapeutic Counselling – Greenwich University). With registered membership with the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP).

Alongside my client work. I also am placed as the Counselling Manager, within a London based organisation. Where I head up the private practice department, Low Cost services, including initial assessments and manage student placements.

Being trained as an integrative counsellor, I am able to use a variety of approaches to tailor to the needs of my clients, and what their own personal goals may be.

The relationship between client and counsellor, is important to any therapeutic work taking place. Because of this, I pride myself on placing great emphasis on this working alliance. Providing my clients with a relationship that is supportive through empathy and understanding. I will create a setting that you will hopefully feel comfortable with to allow that trusting relationship to develop.

This working alliance, will allow you to explore your problems, at a pace that suits you. To help resolve current issues, or to work on past events that are impacting on your life today.

There are numerous events in our life which cause upset, hurt and pain. I am sensitive to these events and by understanding and exploring your reactions to them, will aid you in being able to process these events. So they do not have such a great impact on your emotions in the present.

You are not alone in your struggles, it is natural to need support at certain times in your life. Especially, when there are circumstances that you feel you cannot handle on your own.

I understand that our responses to situations can affect us not only in an emotional way, but also in a physical way. These physical symptoms can be overlooked, but can be signs that there is something out of balance in our lives. I work by looking at both the emotional and physical responses. So as to bring the body and the mind together and allow them to work in unison.

My services are completely LGBTQ+ friendly and available to clients aged 16 and above.

I also have an enhanced DBS.

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